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Providessome drag when you're trying to goaround corners and it makes the carfaster in both arenas it's a coolfeature in Lamborghini is very proud ofit so they put the ala logo here andthey also put it on the front splitterto indicate that it is an ala parte theactive aerodynamic system and speakingof this electronic flaps on the enginecover let's talk about the engine coverfor a second because this is one of thecraziest engine covers I have ever seenin any car just looks insane it goesalong perfectly with the overall look ofthis car these vents on both sides thatallow heat to come off the engine youhave this piece of glass down the middlethat sort of expands itself into thismesh air intake looking thing at thebase of the wing it all just looksabsolutely crazy.

It may be kind of alittle gimmick but I think it's a really cool and special way to confirm that it's starting to Lamborghini and that's some boring a regular car now despite all the craziness in this interior takea look at the climate vents you just look like standard climate vents that came right out of the Volkswagen Jetta an Audi a4 some other vehicle in theVolkswagen group just standard rectangles with little dials that you can turn up or down to control the airflow it's the only normal piece and this entirely abnormal interior next up a few other interesting items in this car tothe left of the steering wheel you have a little button that turns on the automatic headlights that will turn onautomatically when it starts getting dark a lot of cars have that but the interesting.

You I guess you can do that now next up another reality of the svj isthat there's basically zero storagespace inside this car there's noglovebox there's no center console soyou don't have any storage in the twotypical places there is storage in someother places though the passenger sidefoot well has a tiny little storagepocket where I guess you'd put inregistration or something like that andbehind the seats there are a couple netsthat have some storage capabilities aswell now insanely despite this completelack of storage this car does have acoat hook over on the passenger side incase you want to put your suit in thecar and hang it from a hook and it evenhas a coat hook on the driver side soyou could have two suits in here hangingfrom their hooks not getting a wrinkledand yet you don't really have any placeyou can easily put your wallet or some breath mints are dumb but you have space for your suits now.

Since you will obviously get the gloves dirty but none the less you have them in case you have to perform a quick roadside tirechange on your svj by the way one other interesting thing I just realized with those white gloves this car had a centerlock wheels rather than traditional lugnuts like most high performance lightweight exotic cars do but the pointof that is you can't remove the centerlock wheels unless you have aspecialized tool and an enormous amountof force you basically have to do it ina shop so you'll be doing any road side tire changes in this car anyway but nonetheless you have white gloves justin case you want to attempt anyway nextup I want to move on to getting intothis car now when you take a look at thedoor you'll notice there's no incredibly obvious door.

Handle but if you reacharound under this little piece herethere's a little rubber section that youcan press and that pops open the doorand then it goes up like this a trueLambo door as you'd expect from yourLambo adding a sense of occasion anytimeyou want to get in or get out of the carbut speaking of getting in the car let'ssay you get in how do you close theLambo door well there's no door pullthat's been integrated into thecarbon-fiber door panel instead you havethis little leather loop you reach upyou pull it and thenthe door closes simple enough but inthis car getting in is kind of the easypart because if you look on that doorpanel you'll see there's no obvious doorhandle so how do you get out well thedoor handle is mounted on the door sillit's to the left of the driver's seat tothe right of the passenger seat and toopen the door you have to stick yourhand inside this little plastic pieceand then pull up on the silver piece andthat releases the door and you can seethere are two sort of large weight itemsat the top of the door handle those are lights to keep the door handle lit at night.

Unfortunately I can't actually show it to you becauseopening the engine cover in this carisn't as easy as just pulling a littlelatch on the inside and opening it rightup you need a key and that's differentfrom the key that you actually use tostart the car you have to put the keyinside this little latch turn it andthen the latch is unlocked then you haveto do the same thing on the other side turn it and then the latch on that sideis unlocked and then you can startaccessing the engine cover but even though I'm not going to open it tointeresting things you can see from thisposition one is the fact that you canlook in and see the firing order whichis a Lamborghini tradition the firingorder of the cylinders I think it's socool that they mount it back thereobviously it's in the workshop manualanybody working on this car can justlook it up but it's not for the mechanic.

The giant wing and the decal on the side weren't enough but just take a look at the massive size of this air intake this is a huge engine and well it needs a lot ofair other ways you can tell this carapart from the standard Aventador you have these large carbon fiber sideskirts on either side and you havecarbon fiber mirrors not regular boring painted ones like the regular Aventador but the easiest way up front is thisgiant front splitter which is massive much bigger than the one in the regular Aventador in like I mentioned it says ala honored and you can even see thelittle flaps that like I mention ed electronically go up and down depending on the type of driving you're doingother interesting items on the out side of the car how about these front turn signals which are very cool you havethese seven little lights all clustered together leave it to Lamborghini to make turnsignals cool and the rear turn signalsare even cooler you have three distinct lights all in this like Y shape pointingto whichever side the car is going toturn a very cool turn signal style for avery stylish car now next.

It's for people who walk up and look atthis car and they walk away thinking manthat'scool and it really is the other interesting thing is these vents thatallow heat to dissipate from the enginein most cars they have like mesh to make sure leaves or debris don't get insidethe engine not in this car it's justwide open you can stick your hand inthere and then just kind of reach around and feel engine parts and this is true of the murciélago and the base levelAventadors as well it's an interesting design and next moving on down the side of the car we have the air intake I've seen a lot of air intakes in a lot of cars but this is probably the biggest craziest air intake I've ever seen wayl arger than the one in this standard Aventador and obviously it's an easy wayto tell the svj apart is it's.

We move on tothe front trunk and i'ma start withgetting in the front trunk which is arather weird quirk of this car in mostLamborghini models there are threebuttons on the key fob lock unlock andthe one that opens the front trunk nowin this car there are also three buttonslock unlock and then a third blankbutton you can press it but nothinghappens it doesn't open the trunk it'snot designed to I don't know ifLamborghini felt they were reallygetting into the weight saving things byeliminating the function of a buttonregardless you can't actually access thetrunk from the key fob even though thebutton is there and it presses verystrange the only way to get to the trunkin this car is this little latch in thedriver's floor area you pull it in thetrunk pops to this point and then youcan easily open it from here now onceyou have the trunk open you will seewhat Ito call the Bugatti loophole it's veryinteresting check this outhere in the United States the federalgovernment regulation is that if acertain size child dummy can fit in yourtrunk then you need to install anemergency inside trunk release so thatthat size child can pull the trunkrelease and get out in case they fall inaccidental air in case they've beenkidnapped by someone in an Aventador butLamborghini and Bugatti have gottenaround that by placing this divider inside the trunk that splits up thetrunk area and it means that the dummycan no longer fit in even though the dummy would be able to fit in if you pulled out the divider but with thedivider in place that means thatLamborghini doesn't have to comply with the regulation meaning they don't haveto install that ugly and unnecessary emergency inside trunk release and so they don't and so that is why thisdivider is located here in the trunk theother thing I like in here is the white gloves these are for Road side tire changes so you won't get your handsdirty which kind of makes you wonder why they made the gloves white kind ofdefeats the purpose.

Then they came out with the first high-performance version the Aventador SV with 740 horsepower nowI've already reviewed the Aventador SVand you can check out a link to thatreview by clicking a link in thedescription below then they came outwith a new base model the Aventador Swith 730 horsepower and then they cameout with a new performance version andthat would be this the Aventador s VJ isthe craziest Aventador yet and one ofthe most insane Lamborghini models ofall time like I said 760 or power zeroto 60 in 2.7 seconds just 900 for theentire world and this car will do almost220 miles an hourdespite a really hefty curb weight ofalmost 3,800 pounds and yes it costsfive hundred and twenty thousand dollarsbefore options and options are plentifulcustomize one of these exactly how youwant it and you'll be out the door forsix hundred thousand dollars or morewhich is insane money for a car but thenagainthis is a special one so today I'm goingto take a look at the svj and I'm goingto show you all of the quirks andfeatures of the ultimate Lamborghinithen I'm going to get it out on the roadand drive it and then I'm gonna give ita dug score and for more of my thoughtson the svj click the link below to slash oversteer whereI've compiled a list of some of the bestolder Lamborghini models currentlylisted for sale on auto tradernow I'm going to start the quicksandfeatures back here.

This is a Lamborghini aventador svj andit's the new top version of Lamborghini flagship model the Aventador this carhas a 760 horsepower v12 it'll do 0 to60 in 2.7 seconds it's limited to just900 units for the entire planet and itcosts five hundred twenty thousanddollars before options and today I'm reviewing it this video comes todaycourtesy of Giovanna wheels which makesaftermarket wheels for some of the most exciting and exotic cars in the worldyou can check out Giovanna wheels oninstagram at Giovanna wheels or you can check out their website or theirInstagram by clicking the link in thedescription below I had to borrow thiscar before dicuss aleyhi and the ownerof Giovanna wheels could put some wheelson it you can check out his Instagramhere or also by clicking the link in thedescription below but anyway let's talks VJ now the first Aventador came outway back for the 2012 model year whichmakes it basically ancient by supercar standards but it just keeps getting more insane the original Aventador had 690 horsepower.

So you always know where the doorhandle is if you're trying to get outyou're driving this car in the dark nownext up one of the first things younotice when you climb in this carthere's no carpeting in this vehicle nofloor mats instead you have this floorcovering that's very harsh and strippeddown like you'd expect from thelightweight high-performance version ofa vehicle and you can see it has theselittle designs on it these are the samedesigns that the turn signals have inback so it's kind of cool to see thatdesign make its way into the interiorthe other thing you notice when you stepinside this car and sit down is these seats these ultra tight carbon fiber sport bucket seats they really grip youthe intent is they really keep you in your place when you're going aroundcorners at high speed on the racetrackthey're very serious angry performancecar seats and yet on the passenger sideyou have to tether for a child seat soif you want to install a car seat andyou're svj and take your toddler around with.

Next up anotherinteresting dichotomy the interior ofthis car is absolutely insane the floors the seats the center control stack ismaybe the most insane piece and- you coming down from the dashboard it's the kind of thing you'd expect inan incredibly expensive car like this and on the centre control stack you have the start/stop button which is under this little red cover to start this caryou have to flip up the red cover then press the start/stop button which is just really cool.

Because this is thecraziest part of this car there are alot of things to talk about but I'mgonna start with the exhaust just take alook at this the exhausts are right inthe middle of the back of this carthey've taken precedence over thelicense plate Lamborghinis like we don'tcare about regulations or lawenforcement we want the exhaust to befront and center and they're reallyreally cool-looking and they look likeSpace Shuttle or jet engines that aregonna rocket this thing into crazyspeeds which I guess they actually arebut this has to be one of the verycoolest exhausts in the entire carindustry and of course it sounds prettygood to take a listenand then we move on to the rear wingwhich is absolutely ridiculous insanemassive gigantic continuing thetradition of crazy Lamborghini rearwings that goes back to the Countach theDiablo and other models this particularrear wing is carbon fiber it has threemounting points on the back it is thatlarge that it needs three of them andyou can see it says on it a la this is aLamborghinis active aerodynamic systemand it's new for this car and for theHuracan poor for monta and it works inkind of a complicated way that i'm notgoing to get into but I'll give you abasic overview there are little flapsback here in the back on the enginecover and up front on the front splitterand they can open electronically andsort of divert air which allows the carto be really flat and slippery whenyou're trying to go fast or it.

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