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So we're probably gonna go ahead and start sanding thesequarter panels yes sir rear bumper alittle bit just this edge we're notgonna go to the back end the back end isactually you glass in the back look at that I don't know why be somebody buffedit maybe well though you see thedifference on camera here yeah well last and then the orange building yes sir sowe're gonna go ahead and sand these both sides with the 2500 don't go down deep like we did with the 1500 both sides andthen we're gonna buff the whole car and should look like glass all the way yessir it'll look really good as well mancuz that looks amazingwe did bring in some help today we gotDave here he's gonna help us and becausewe got a lot of sanding to do so yougonna do some work yes sir that's what Ilike to hear we're gonna try to knock this.

I'm a hump on that side and therapy it for everything yeah what you pins and as soon as you'regonna be busting that quarter panel me and Dave we're gonna put together thislure here yes we're getting really closethough so we're gonna do the pump pump mr. horse Oh complete let's get itall right so while they're buffing andpolishing inside we got a little bit of extra time and I accidentally did actually scrape one of these trim bezelpieces so I figured that we might aswell just carbon fiber wrap him we dogot some carbon fiber wrap for the KITTcar but I'm still a little bit just seehow they look hi so this was a littlebit tough but I think we got it so let'sgo pop it in and see how it looks likeall right so everything is polished fromthe door up but from the back end thisquarter panel just needs to be polishedpretty much but we're gonna move on tothe front because while he's gonna bepolishing that I'm actually gonna run tothe store and try to find some airfilters or correct ones I think thelocal parts store should sell them Ibelieve I do have a part number so we'regonna pop this bumper off right quickand I'm gonna run through the store tryto pick some up that.

Buffing and he'sprobably gonna polish it also and we'regonna start putting together this frontbumperalright check out this front bumper manit looks so great that black on black oncarbon-fiber looks absolutely amazing Ican't wait to throw it on but guys it issuper late super late and we do not haveour cold air intake yeah we gotta waiton these filters right here that arecoming in tomorrow in the morning orsomething like that and that's probablywhen we are going to throw on that frontbumper our headlights just fullyassemble that front end and see outthere look at it look at last all rightsuper good slack it's a very hard colorto get perfect but that's why we'retaking our time with the ball for whatthat swirl mark remover next step is tocompletely wash this carb let's just putback together and give it a nice what doyou think ceramic coating or somethingman coating maybe acrylic somethingsomething amazing something that couldpreserve this paint some super nice budso guys we had huge progress today butwe're gonna have to finish up so we'regonna catch you guys tomorrowis the next day here and before we caneven install this front bumper we got torun to the parser because we did put aorder in on one of these filters we didone or two but one just came in thismorning so we're just gonna have to dealwith.

Way we can completely assemble this front end all right so let's pop one of these off I'll justgrab that with me yep so we got the oldone off now let's run to the storealright so I thought we were gonna comeback with a new one but we actually cameback from the parts department and theyhad to order them so they'll be heretomorrow in the morning or tomorrow inthe afternoon but we're gonna keep onworking he's already got that quarterpanel buff and polish now all we gotleft is this quarter panel and thenwe're gonna start putting together thatfront bumper so actually while he'sgonna be buffing this side we're gonnajump onto that side and put that doorcompletely together and just get thatout of the waysalright so now that this door panel isfinally back together the whole entiredoors a lat everything is back togetherwe did not wrap that little inside trimbezel piece because I'm gonna do it whenI have some time on my hands because Iwill admit the other one didn't turn outso greatwe will probably redo that one also butthat was fun trying to learn it and tryto get it perfect but moving on overhere he's still buffing that quarterpanel beginning this entire front bumperstarting with the lip on the right whenyou think start to livestart with the grill insert sparksgrills yet grills and then headlightsgrills of the fog lights yeah fog lightsand then move on to them that last yeahalright that sounds like a plan so he'sgoing to continue.

Sometimes we do almost OEM but sometimes we do better than OEM so it is get laid on this we've got an early start as usual trying to get these projects knocked down as fast as possible for you guys and this is the tedious stuff like I mentioned on the Viper especially on this black car right here man this stuff is tough to buff outbut we're gonna get it right if we canget it right to you guys so that's gonnabe it for tonight I'll catch you guystomorrow so it is the next day here andwe're gonna try to complete the buffingprocess on this GTR so we're gonna startwith this front bumper and move our wayto the other sideall right so we're finishing up sendingthe front bumper but there's gonna be alittle change of plans guys yeah soafter we sand it in buff this side asyou can see it looks like glass looks really good but when you move along to this side right here the OEM paint right here doeshave that launch pill.

Knowthe time that it ran and we ran itplenty of time what do we run like aseven seven seventy seventy so we'll seeif this thing can take thatdudeI've never made that facial expressionbefore right there - but it washilarious manthis thing old man for sure pulls hardin the rain - I've never had a car thatpulled this hard I never had a car thatpulled this hard in the rain this oladrive is amazing so we just made it back home guys we got the alignment dead-onit as perfect drives like a bullet butwe are not done guys we still got a few things that we do got to finish on thegt-ralso got a few months coming for it sostay tuned be sure your post certifications are on also guys be sureto visit goon squad com we got a few more of these goon squad GTR hoodiesleft so be sure to get you on also if you haven't followed us on Instagram besure to do so now because you get aninside scoop there before you - so with that being said guys be sure to stay tuned like and subscribe and we'll catch you next time

Dangerousway too dangerous box cutter oh sweet wegot our freshener air fresheners not gowrong with air fresheners and somestickers ethos or EPOS one of the twocan crafted car care that's awesome readthe letter you got to read the letter ofcourse put all our products to the testand let us know what you think thanksfor letting us help shine up your buildsI know you'll be super stoked on theresults keep up the good work Tim weappreciate it we're gonna be puttingthese things definitely yes we've beenmeeting detailing supplies so thank youso much Tim oh my goodness they love italready love the wash man the watch myhands are a little dirty but look atthis dude remember when we used to buysupplies and they give us like a few ofthese actually some companies would sendus supplies and the caps won't even comeoff is bright get stuff they like suckthese look like some good quality stuffright there for sure yes washing waxwhat do you got all-purpose cleaner loveit love itwashing wax oh my gosh dude oh we don'tcleaner dude definitely needed some ofthis stuff we're desperatewe'll definitely put that too got someapplicator pads we got some ceramic waxhard shine detail sprays look at thatleather conditioner liquid carnauba dudeyou know that stuff is always good tohave right there and I'll be a surfacecoat man this is what we're gonnausing right now this car shampoos I'mexcited to wash now let's go let's goput all these products here not all ofthem but let's go put something some ofthem to test eventually we're gonna usethem all but for now let's go clean thatthingall right so the car is so clean guysjust look at it too bad it did startraining on us so we're not gonna dry itbut those products are working great soguys that's gonna be pretty much it forthe washing we got all of that compoundoff that way it doesn't dry and stays onthere forever but for now we're gonnahead to the linemen shop and see if it'savailable go ahead let her warmbeautifulwe spin it spin it forward spin it allfor you that's insane there's a littlewet though ours don't need to get updude think sounds good I wonder if itspits flying just back there cuz I heara little pop we need to try to get thisthing to shoot flames yeah alright it'slike what's a GTR visit since you.

It because we got a lot of work todo today we've got to put this thingtogether we got to go to the alignmentmachine get this thing a line roadworthybut before we take it to alignment orany of that stuff we've got to give thisthing a nice wash because all thatpolishing and buffing compound willstain everything in your engine bay andall around the door sills so let's getmoving early in the morning let's gograb our air filter alright guys so nolook on the cold air intake the guyactually ordered it incorrectly and hesaid they'll be here tomorrow but that'salright we're gonna run this right hereboys yep we're gonna run these for nowabout a big deal just to get us to a lotof machine just to get this card backtogetherthere it on the road do not excite itdudes do we're gonna actually watch thisthing you mentioned it before but got alittle surprise package later so let'sthrow this bumper on and pretty much putthe headlights everything back togetherand.

While we're painting not a big deal we're gonna try to send this out if we can't send it out we're just gonna repaint it nothing to worry about but I think we can save it so let's get to see man that black is gonna be a tough oneain't it oh yeah this black colour is the worst it leaves a bunch of swirls behind but it's coming out like glass as youcan see there once we get rid of them swirls with the polisher the dual action polisher we're gonna we're gonna make iteven better than that right there better than OEM on this one oh yeah.

Claimthat's the ultimate goal was to shootflames these boys are already readythat's not big dawg yeah probably needput some wood yeah yes siryou know that thing is kind of low kindof low for stockyou boys can handle it thoughwell generally frowned you already knowdaddy TVsaying it's off pretty bad actuallyreally yeah toe from the rear offhungrier also yeah that's pretty weirdbecause it wasn't really rekt that hardyeah I'm glad we checked it you got herein time but just a little bit not toobad this one it almost could be we'regonna get it perfect yes sirkeep it coming you're damn what greenlights oh hi guys so the rear end justneeded a little bit of toe adjust mentnothing too crazy as well as that frompassenger side it's off by like a hairjust a few points nothing too major so Ithink we're good dude after this it'sgonna be driving super straight you didall the way here but just a few morelittle adjustments just to get itperfect and we're good to gothis thing ribs even drifts dude itdrifts actually pretty good cuz thefront wheels you know it's all-wheeldrive so you can handle it a lot easierto do and do that power I can't wait toactually put it to test at the dragstrip that's gonna be legit that's gonnabe a lot of fun to see what this thinghas compared to the zo6 the Hellcat wedon't have the zo6 no more but we.

Thing out today because we're excited to put this thing back togetherhit the road oh yeah we're definitelygonna try to hit the road maybe todayvery very cross so we're getting workdone in this keep movingalright guys so the buffing andpolishing process has been going supersmooth as you can see this driver doorand fenderthey just got spoiled mark removed aswell as that front bumper this carstarting to shine really well we do haveabout that quarter panel but I'm gonnakeep them quarter panels both of themthe last piece to buff because it is theOEM paint how long to be really carefulwith thatand moving off to this side as you cansee that front bumper looks absolutely amazing and I actually Chinese just gotjust got this buffing compound.

Everywhere but other than that moving onto this sideI was buffing this finger and we didhave a little mishap something that Iwas really afraid of doing on this carand it finally happened it's it's alllearning process though zoom in on thatright there yes sir can you see it yeahit's like a burn through I think thebuffer there was a piece of trash herewe were standing with the 1500 I wastrying to get it out so I'm thinkingthat we sanded it too much in that areaand the buffer just went through itreally quick I wasn't on there for longI was going super fast so not a big dealthis is something we can do in the shopfix it all so it's a learning experienceand we're gonna show you guys exactly how to fix a burn through mark if yourbuffing it sucks but stuff happens like that when you're buffing fresh paint so now all we got left is this passenger door and these both quarter panels and we should be good then we're gonna probably start putting together thatfront bumper I'm excited to see how everything turns out all right so while he's gonna be buffing and polishing backside over there we're to jump onside and start putting together thisdoor all the components the mirror the handle is just pretty much piecing it completely together and as soon as we finish.

what is up guys welcome back to the channel so today we're gonna be working on this 2013 Nissan GTR so the first thing that we need to do is obviously give it a nice little wash on the new parts that we painted it's been sitting dried I'm sure the paint and the clear coat is dry already a hundred percent and all we need to do is get these panels sanded and buffed of course because we did have a little bit of trash problem and in some areas as you can see I'm thinking that's fish eyes there might have been water in the system.

Putting together this door I think he'll be done with that side completely buffed and polished and thenwe're in a jump over on that side putthat door panel together and then we'regonna probably move on to the frontbumper and piece it togetherour I see this door panel is completelytogether everything works everything'sadjusted the glass goes up perfectly solet's go and check on the team see whatthey're doing over here on this side seewhat kind of progress they got he'salmost done with the door she'spolishing making it look like glass yeahI've got left just this quarter panelwhich is he's got this quarter panelleft I'm about if we finish flip thistorsion the up up on it do this wellmark remover and then once we are done with this quarter panel.

Then probably head to alignment shopand then do a washer do the wash andthen do the wash first because we justdon't want this stuff on here oh yeahthat's right needed so we're gonnadefinitely pressure wash this thing usesome nice soap to get this thing lookingdrythere you have it guys man that frontend looks great looks absolutely amazingturned out sick other than that onefender that we got repaint but otherthan that the cars turned out we're alsogonna throw on the side skirts yep sideskirts on both sides and then we shouldbe able to wash this thing up and thenhead to the paint or not the paint boothhead did so soon we may actually may dothat I'm thinking about doing it at theshop not a big deal because we are gonnabuff it anyway so a little bit of trashno sir you see him out see who's workinghard because his face and hands they'reall dirtyyeah I've been under that car whenyou're under that car and you get alittle dirty bug we are finished nowworking underneath it now we're gonnathrow the side skirts on probably liftit with the jack on one side becausethere's like screws that are right upunderneath and the quick jacks are justin the way so let's get the jack and putthese side skirtsnice greatfully closer now because we're gonnawash the engine a footthat thing is burning rubber alreadydude it looks so much better out hereit's so clean but it's dirty so dirty wehad a special package let's grab thatpackage or should we open it here or itback in the shop I'll show them in theshop well we got some of you the real ohgeez are gonna remember that switchbladeright it sucks that it broke man we'resupposed to give that thing away butit's too dangerous too.

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